Overcoming the Stigma of Panic Buttons with Smart Alerting

The Medical Alert Systems market, also known as PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) has been rapidly changing for the past few years. The revolution in the industry has been so fast that many companies have not been able to keep ...
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CONNECTIONS Europe 2016: Key Market Trends to Come

Last week we were once again in Amsterdam, attending CONNECTIONS Europe 2016, an event hosted by Parks Associates that brings together connected home industry experts from all over the world and of which we are proud sponsors. This year’s conference ...
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Beyond Panic Buttons: Essence Brings Smart Alerting to MAMA 2016

For the past two days we have been at the MAMA —Medical Alert Monitoring Association— annual meeting, an event that we never miss. It brings together professionals in the alert monitoring and PERS industry from all over the United States ...
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Businesman touching virtual screen with world map

Connected Home Trends Around The World

At present, North America leads the world connected home market. Favourable conditions for development —such as the recovery of the residential market— higher adoption rate of security systems and better consumer awareness regarding smart home technology than anywhere else in ...
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Who Is Bringing The Connected Home To Your Home?

It has been said many times: the connected home market is a very large one, and still mostly unexplored. With its huge potential and business opportunities, it comes as no surprise that many players want their share of the pie ...
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Types of Potential Smart Tech Consumers: What They Want, What To Offer Them

Our latest researches show that not all smart tech consumers are created equal. Each household has its own specific needs and individual homeowners also have different tastes and preferences. The connected home market is not a homogeneous one, so it ...
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IFTTT Essence

Top 5 Ways IFTTT Can Help Make Your Home Safe

The promise of a connected home where all the smart devices work together to make life easier and more comfortable for homeowners seems like a very desirable scenario. But sometimes, getting devices from different manufacturers to work together and ‘talk’ ...
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Care at Home by Essence

Smart Care for People Living With Disabilities

As we have discussed in the past, people wish to stay in their own home for as long as possible, while remaining autonomous and independent. This is true not only for for people as they progress through the aging process, ...
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The Giants Entering the Connected Living Space: Not a Threat, but an Opportunity

One of the best things in the connected living industry is that the market scope is huge. There is room for many players, and for myriad potential services and offerings to suit each customer’s needs. With a market so big ...
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Real estate and accomodation - Man drawing house on virtual screen

Insurance Companies Set Sights on Connected Home Solutions

Arguably, mainstream consumers are yet to fully grasp the value of certain aspects of the connected home, thus possibly keeping its proliferation to lower than expected growth. However, there is a clear indication that some service providers are beginning to ...
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Who is Buying Connected Home Solutions Today?

At present, the biggest adopters of smart technologies are consumers aged 30-44 (GenX) and Millennials. They are the early adopters: almost half of them already have some type of smart product at home, although the first group almost doubles adoption ...
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Connected Homes Help Users Save Energy and Money

The ability to reduce energy consumption and save on the monthly bill is one of the best rated benefits that owning a connected home offers. For European consumers, in fact, energy saving is the second most important feature in a ...
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Age Plays a Role in Consumer Expectations about Connected Home Technologies

According to a Gartner report, by 2022 a typical family could own more than 500 connected devices in their home. Regardless of how precise or optimistic these predictions may be, it cannot be denied that connected home technologies are gradually ...
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Connected Living Trends to Come

Like any young industry that is just beginning to take off, the Connected Living market is constantly evolving and changing at a very fast pace. We can see a clear example of its continuous adjustments and improvements at the events ...
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Internet of Things - A connected world concept with digital cloud and devices

Connected Home Tech Brings Security and Convenience Together

Much has been written about how new connected home technologies have blurred the barriers between home automation and home security. The Connected Home is a powerful combination of both. The benefits of intertwining security and automation result in its numerous ...
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Essence at Health plus care

Senior Care Innovations at Health Plus Care

For the past two days, and just one week after IFSEC was over, we have been busy attending Health Plus Care in London, one of the largest and most important integrated care conferences in Europe. Health Plus Care aims to ...
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Essence at ifsec_16

IFSEC 2016 Bridges the Gap Between Security And Home Automation

This week we are in London, attending IFSEC International 2016, where we are showcasing our connected home solution with additional security features, WeR@Home, with which we aim to help service providers unleash the potential of the Internet of Things and ...
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Cyber security concept - Padlock in computer screen over motherboard circuit

Ensuring Data Safety in The Connected Home is Key to Gain Consumer Trust

Data security is one of the main concerns among smart tech consumers and one of the major barriers currently preventing mass market adoption of connected home technologies. This is not surprising: not only because initial wariness is the natural reaction ...
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Essence at ESX – The Electronic Security Expo

These days (June 8-10) we are at Fort Worth Convention Center (Texas) attending ESX, The Electronic Security Expo, a conference and trade show for security providers, integrators, and monitoring companies who aim to grow their business and remain relevant and ...
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Smart Security Allows Users to Take an Active Role in Protecting Their Homes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is completely changing the way we interact with our homes. Its influence is huge in many aspects of our lives, but if we were to highlight a specific industry where the IoT and the connected ...
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Voice Panic Detection: The Future of PERS

Josh Locke is Director of Sales at Essence USA. He is a Certified Senior Advisor with over 12 years’ experience in the PERS industry. He has been in the “start-up” side of PERS for nearly all of those years. In ...
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The European Connected Home Market Welcomes Telcos

The U.S. market has set the example to follow. The main European telecommunication companies are closely examining the strong results of the American connected home market and have set themselves to refine their offerings and launches, seeking to stimulate a ...
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Traditional Security Providers are Expanding into Connected Home Solutions, and With Good Reason

While only about 25% of U.S. households have a professionally monitored security system installed, over 85% of homeowners have expressed a desire to be able to remotely monitor their home while away. It is clear that there is a huge ...
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Elderly hand and caregiver

Personal Emergency Response Systems or Why Panic Buttons Alone Are Not Enough

It’s a fact that world’s population is aging, especially in developed countries. There has never been so many seniors in the world as there are now, and their number keeps growing. In their golden years, older people want to age ...
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Digital padlock on data screen - Web and data security

On the Road to Mass Market Adoption II: Addressing Consumer Fears and Worries

In the last post, we spoke about the best ways to help consumers understand the benefits of owning a connected living system, to raise technology awareness and to increase adoption rates. To go a step further and achieve mass market ...
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On the Road to Mass Market Adoption: Helping Consumers Understand the Value of Connected Living Technologies

We are closer than ever to making the connected home a reality for millions of households around the world. We have the means and the technology to make that possible, there is just one thing missing, and that is mass ...
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Telcos are in a Perfect Position to Offer Smart Home Services to Their Customers

The connected home offers a unique opportunity for telecom companies seeking to expand their business lines and look for ways to stay competitive in the market. As we discussed in last week’s post, telcos have good reasons to offer smart ...
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Connected Home: A Great Business Opportunity for Telcos

All the statistics, predictions, and customer trends point in the same direction: the connected home market is a big piece of cake that offers almost endless business opportunities for those who are quick to take hold of it. Why? Because ...
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Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Last Day

Today we’ve said goodbye to another great edition of Mobile World Congress —the largest ever, since the 100,000 visitors mark has been surpassed for the first time in the event’s history. The GSMA reported nearly 101,000 attendees, an increase of ...
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Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 3

Third day at Mobile World Congress and so far, so good! We are keeping up the hard work at stand E571 (Hall 5!). While our team continues with meetings, appointments and live demos at the booth, we have also been ...
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Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 2

Our second day at Mobile World Congress has been a blast! We’ve been even busier than yesterday, welcoming lots of visitors to our stand. We also had several more meetings with potential partners and companies interested in finding out more ...
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Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 1

As you may already know if you follow us on social media (if you don’t, you totally should. We post great content every day), this week we are in Barcelona, attending —for the third year in a row, we are ...
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What Role Will Partnerships Play in Developing New Business Models for Mass Market Adoption in the IoT Era?

Partnerships can generally be divided into two categories: those that enrich the functionality and services of the smart home consumer experience and those that deal with go-to-market channels. Alliances between whole home platforms and point devices enhance the eco-system and ...
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Keep Your Home Safe With Your Smart Home System

Living in a smart home is a great thing. It’s fun and it’s convenient. It allows you to save on your energy bills by automatically adjusting the thermostat to the weather conditions, or disconnecting electronic devices that are not in ...
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How Smart Monitoring Systems Can Help Prevent Falls

Falls are the leading cause of hospitalizations, injury and death among older people. One out of three adults over 65 falls each year, resulting in millions of hospitalizations, costly treatments and painful injuries that may increase the risk of early ...
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“Anywhere, Anytime” – How Smartphones Have Paved the Way for the New Smart Home Market

Back in 2007, when the first iPhone came out, the word ‘smartphone’ was barely known or used by general public. Now, eight years later, they have taken over the world. It is expected that by 2016 the number of smartphone ...
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Living in the ‘sandwich generation’

The alarm clock goes off, you wake up the kids, make breakfast, take them to school, you’re in such a rush you forget your laptop. When you finally arrive to the office, you make a quick call to your elder ...
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Essence at CES – Day 2

Our second day at CES 2016 has been a very busy one. With lots of people coming to our stand to experience live demos of our Connected Living solutions and wanting to know more about business partnership opportunities. This tradeshow ...
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Essence at CES 2016 – Day 1

Yesterday was CES 2016 first day! The International Consumer Electronic Show, which takes place in Nevada, Las Vegas, is the biggest consumer electronics and technology tradeshow around the globe, and this year we are proudly taking part in the show, ...
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Home Automation vs Smart Home – are they the same?

The concept of a Smart Home began its journey with the idea of the personal computer for every household introduced by Apple in the late 70s, along with the advent of the X-10 home automation standard. The invention of the ...
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Bye Bye 2015… Hello 2016!

Now that the present year is coming to an end, we all make balance of the past twelve months: the ups, the downs and what is to be improved in the year to come. Also, this is a great time ...
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Top 3 smart home benefits

A smart home is much more than just an automated home. Imagine, for example, going away on vacation and upon arriving at your destination suddenly realizing that you don’t remember whether you locked the front door or not. Imagine taking ...
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Interview: The new Care@Home platform

Toward the upcoming launch of Care@Home platform, we interviewed Avi Ben-David, Business Development Director for Essence Smartcare Avi joined Essence in late 2010 bringing more than 10 years of Telecommunication networking & services experience. Joining Essence as a Presales Manager ...
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Survey results: are all Smart Home consumers created equal?

Are all potential Smart Home consumers interested in the same solutions? Do they have the same needs? How does location impact your offering? How can we learn from the differences between the American and European consumers? Continue reading “Survey results: ...
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IoT: Working together to make things better

The Irish group D:Ream predicted in their song back in 1993 that “Things can only get better” (highly recommended uplifting song). Today’s increasing connectivity of things, i.e. the Internet of Things holds the promise of making our world and individual ...
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Essence at Connections Europe 2015

These days we are in Amsterdam, attending Connections Europe 2015, where we are both sponsors and speakers. Connections Europe, which is part of the CONNECTIONS™ Conference Series, is hosted by research firm Parks Associates and features conferences, meetings and discussions, ...
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Survey results: 72% value real-time connected home capabilities

Essence, leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected-living solutions, has analyzed consumer usage of its connected home platform WeR@Home™: Continue reading “Survey results: 72% value real-time connected home capabilities” » ...
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We are exhibiting at Broadband World Forum 2015

This week we are at Broadband World Forum, which this year takes place in London from October 20 to 22. We are very excited to be attending as members of the Z-Wave Alliance, with whom we’ll be exhibiting at the ...
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The emerging smart home market: an interview

Our Head of Marketing, Rafi Zauer, gets interviewed by Martyn Warwick, from TelecomTV, at Broadband World Forum, with whom he discusses the maturity of the smart home market and the future of the IoT. Rafi Zauer thinks the IoT is ...
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IoT in the home – saves time and money

Utilizing the Internet of things (IoT) technology, Essence Smart Living platform has enabled service providers worldwide to deliver and enhance people’s lives. Continue reading “IoT in the home – saves time and money” » ...
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