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02:26|Essence at CES 2019 |Essence was reimagining Safety and Senior Care with its innovative solutions at CES 2019: Essence launched its new Umbrella safety solution for personal safety anywhere and Care@Home, its complete senior protection at Home and On-the-Go with its Advanced Alerting Services..|
01:17|Umbrella protect your people |Umbrella redefines lone worker safety and security – delivering an end-to-end umbrella of 24/7/365 personal safety monitoring.|
01:14|Care@Home Communicator: The future of mobile remote assistance. |Care@Home Communicator enables voice extension over the whole house, a two-way voice conversation, resident location capabilities, all on battery-operated devices that can be installed in every room of the home.|
03:04|Essence at CES 2018 |See Essence´s Connected Living for Better Business showcased at CES 2018: The Business of Connected Living, with the latest integration of our WeR@Home solution with Google Assistant, and the Business of Connected Care, with Care@Home, the complete senior protection at home and on the go.|
00:56|Essence – CES 2018. Integration between WeR@Home and Google Assistant |Josh Locke, our US Director of Sales, demonstrates the recent integration between our connected living solution ,WeR@Home, and Google Assistant, Hey Google!!!|
01:12|Essence – Come shape the future with us |Join our professional team of advanced engineers, developers, researchers, and creative innovators- Come shape the future with us!|
02:06|Using Tap Rules |This video shows how to create and use WeR@Home™ tap rules (v1.3)|
01:34|Care@Home™ Active on Channel 10 |Israel’s Channel 10 has broadcasted an item about Essence new innovative solution for seniors, Care@Home™ Active, that enables an active lifestyle for seniors both indoors and outdoors.|
01:30|Setting Up and Testing the Advanced Emergency Pendant, EPA |This video shows how to set up and test a Care@Home™ EPA. (v1.2)|
01:08|Care@Home™ Active|This is the future of mPERS. Care@Home™ Active is a ground breaking mPERS solution that extends the existing Care@Home™ Aging-in-Place platform beyond the home to provide protection anywhere, allowing seniors to continue leading an active lifestyle|
01:09|Using WeR@Home™: Setting Up the Remote Control.|This video shows how to set up the WeR@Home™ remote control.(v1.2).|
00:26|Removing the Adhesive Tape from Essence Devices .|This video shows how to remove the adhesive tape from Essence devices.(v1.0).|
02:02|Essence at Mobile World Congress 2017.|Our Head of Marketing, Rafi Zauer, show you around our booth and introduce you to Care@Home™ and WeR@Home™, the Essence Connected Living solucions for service providers.|
0:38|WeR@Home™ Tips & Tricks: Working with Places.|This video gives you some quick tips and tricks about managing multiple places with your WeR@Home™ system. (v2.1).|
01:02|Setting up the Advanced Emergency Pendant, EPA |This video shows how to set up a Care@Home™ EPA. (v2.0) |
00:40|Testing the Advanced Emergency Pendant, EPA |This video shows how to test a Care@Home™ EPA. (v2.0) |
02:58|Setting Up the Voice Panic Detector, VPD|This video shows how to set up and use a Care@Home™ Voice Panic Detector, VPD (v 2.0) |