Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 2

Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 2

Our second day at Mobile World Congress has been a blast! We’ve been even busier than yesterday, welcoming lots of visitors to our stand. We also had several more meetings with potential partners and companies interested in finding out more about our Connected Living solutions WeR@Home™ and Care@Home™. Thanks to everyone who dropped by our stand today!


Also, interesting things are going on in Barcelona. We’re still under the impact of how Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of Facebook, warned the mobile industry not to overlook the task of connecting the almost four billion people that still don’t have access to the Internet, the rivalry between the main companies of the industry of 360º Cameras for virtual reality, the first robot-smartphone, called Robo Garage and, of course, the strike that paralyses the city.


We have also been attending some conferences and strolling around the fair grounds to take a look at the latest developments and IoT innovations, and we are sure to have seen a sneak peek of what the future looks like! Really cool gadgets, innovative smartphone technology, a myriad of wearables, virtual reality and robots everywhere, connectivity on all possible levels… even a first glimpse into 5G technology!


All these awesome innovations and cool gadgets have also lead us to reflect on what really matters for a product to succeed, to stand out from others and become adopted by final consumers, merging into their daily lives as if it had always been a part of it. A cool design and flashy features are fun to have, but what ultimately matters most is the product’s usability. For a device to make the jump from the “nice to have” to the “must have” spectrum, it should offer real value to end users. It should be simple and easy to use, without sacrificing quality. And, above everything else, it should help improve people’s lives, making them easier in some way. Otherwise, mass market adoption won’t happen.


At the end of the day, end consumers are the ones who have the final say on what stays and what must go in this seemly endless jungle of disruptive technology and cutting-edge devices.

We leave you with this short video that sums up pretty well what we have seen up to now. All in all, we are very happy, and looking forward to another great day tomorrow at Mobile World Congress. Hope to see you around!

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