Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 3

Essence at Mobile World Congress 2016 — Day 3

Third day at Mobile World Congress and so far, so good! We are keeping up the hard work at stand E571 (Hall 5!). While our team continues with meetings, appointments and live demos at the booth, we have also been paying attention to what’s been going on at the show grounds.


4 Years From Now —4YFN— is a space reserved for entrepreneurs and innovative initiatives within Mobile World Congress. This year 4YFN houses more than 400 startups. Some of the initiatives are really interesting. The Swiss company Comfy Lights, for example, presented a smart bulb that learns the routine of the inhabitants of a house (at what time each room’s lights are turned on and off, for how long, etc.), repeating the patterns when the house is empty. It also detects unexpected movement when the owners are out of home, and sends them an alert via its mobile app.

Another example: Oblumi offers a device that turns your smartphone into a digital infrared thermometer to measure body —or liquid, in the case of bottles— temperature. The results are instantaneous, and using an app it calculates the dose of medication needed (according to weight, age and the manufacturer of the drug). The app also generates historical data and offers the ability to share information with doctors or family members.

These days we have also been following closely the development of the Digital Health & Wellness Summit, which takes place simultaneously to Mobile World Congress and covers really interesting topics such as connected health, wearables and healthy aging. The summit, which is organized by the mHealth Program at Mobile World Capital Barcelona and the European Connected health Alliance, gathers experts from some of the main companies working in mobile health and connected health, who take this opportunity to share the keys to their success and their expectations for the future.

We are keenly interested in mobile health, since it is one of our areas of expertise. As you may know, we are the developers of the award-winner Care@Home™, a passive remote monitoring solution that aims to help elders age in place safely while retaining their independent living. The system also provides peace of mind for caregivers and family members alike, since it allows them to check on the older person status at anytime and from anywhere in the world, straight through a smartphone, knowing that they will receive a real time alert if anything is amiss.

Both Care@Home™ and WeR@Home™, our solution for smart home automation and self-monitored security, are currently on display at our Mobile World Congress stand. If you are a service provider, telco, security provider or insurance company interested in expanding your business revenue streams by offering this type of services to your customers, or are interested in partnering with us in any way, don’t hesitate to pay us a visit. We would love to meet you and discuss your ideas!

There’s still time until tomorrow!


We leave you with the daily MWC16 highlights video. See you soon!

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