Essence Group Provides Companies Added Security with SigmaDots Solutions

Essence Group Provides Companies Added Security with SigmaDots Solutions

Serverless Architecture Drastically Reduces Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

HERZLIYA, Israel. The security breaches experienced this past year by Facebook, Ticketmaster, Marriott, Quora, and British Airways were serious and consequential, causing serious trust issues to the companies affected. After paying off fines, the breached companies also had to deal with reputational damage which can potentially last for years.

In a world where the use of technology is ever-present, so is the risk of a cyber attack — with increasingly dire consequences. So, what can be done to dramatically reduce the effect of a cyber attack on you or your company?

Essence and its cyber-security affiliate, SigmaDots has developed a serverless architecture based on multiple home-hubs for large scale IoT deployments using Blockchain methodologies that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The traditional IoT deployment is made up of a hub (gateway) each connected to a server that creates a centralized hackable and vulnerable network.

Together with SigmaDots, Essence has created a system where the hubs, all connected together, form a virtual server. This architecture enables cyber protection on a very large scale and creates an intricate server barrier that is extremely difficult to penetrate. According to Essence Chairman and CEO Dr. Haim Amir,The larger the mesh network is, the more powerful it is, and the data coming from these domestic hubs and devices gives us more power that we can harness into insights using Big Data methodologies. We use Artificial Intelligence / deep learning to continually improve the system and ward off all types of attacks, even the ones we don’t know of yet.”

For nearly 25 years, Essence the global leader in the development and production of wireless solutions for monitored security of the residential and SMB market, has pioneered how we approach security, convenience, and communication with their innovative security solutions. Essence Group solutions currently protects over 3 million homes and businesses worldwide. With the release of their next generation professional security platform, which utilizes state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT infrastructure, artificial intelligence, and big data, Essence Group is perfectly positioned to be sensitive to all security issues in the 21st century.

About Essence

Essence is a global provider of IoT connected-living solutions for communication, security and healthcare service providers, serving households and small-medium businesses. Leveraging 25 years of experience and innovation with a global presence and 30 million devices deployed worldwide, Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live fuller, better lives. The multiple award-winning Care@Home Multi-Service Platform is an Aging-in-Place product suite offering seamless home care monitoring indoors and outdoors, allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.

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