Essence & Verklizan combine forces for superior in-home elder care solution

Essence & Verklizan combine forces for superior in-home elder care solution

Verklizan, a leading European provider of emergency call center platforms, has integrated Essence Smart CareCare@HomeTM solution into its UMO platform for healthcare monitoring. Essence is a global company specializing in cloud-based IoT connected-living technologies, such as home care, smart home and professional home security.

Our monitoring solution enables independent living for a growing population of elderly and vulnerable people in our society with a strong focus on healthy aging”, says Marcel Roest, International Sales Manager of Verklizan. “By working together, Essence and Verklizan allow service providers to offer a highly differentiated, end-to-end solution that promotes senior independence and quality of life.”

Care@HomeTM is a connected care, self-learning solution that gathers and analyzes data related to living and behavioral patterns, monitors 24/7, and sends alerts via mobile and web apps. It learns seniors’ daily activities using strategically placed motion sensors and an intelligent algorithm. An analytics engine triggers smart alerts to caregivers and family when detecting deviations in daily routines, such as skipping meals or reduced activity, which indicate health problems. Every alert is categorized by severity or emergency, providing the correct level of response. Care@HomeTM is the next step in elder care, as its passive monitoring promotes a seamless independent living experience without the person needing to wear pendants or press buttons.

The Verklizan UMO Platform monitoring software for healthcare and security is being used to monitor more than 850,000 users across 300 service providers in 16 countries.  It allows alarm receiving centers to monitor a comprehensive range of Telecare, Telehealth, video and security devices.

Verklizan and Essence are a natural fit, both in terms of technology and the philosophy of promoting senior independence,” says Barak Katz, vice president of business development. “By working together, it’s a win-win for Verklizan, Essence, and families looking for solutions to increase senior independence and peace of mind for family members.”


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