The Hottest Trends at ISC West 2017

The Hottest Trends at ISC West 2017

Last week we were in Las Vegas, attending the International Security Conference & Exposition –ISC West, the largest event in the U.S. for the physical security industry.

As always, ISC West –which this year has broken a record of attendance with over 1000 companies exhibiting their latest launches and developments, has offered a unique opportunity to take the pulse of the security industry and see where it’s headed in the short and mid-term. This year’s event was shaped by three major trends that influence the market as a whole —and which we believe will define the security industry in to the future.

The Internet of Things

IoT being a hot topic among ISC West attendants comes as no surprise. It has been for some years now, always foreseeing the advantages IoT could bring to the industry. On this occasion, however, we began to see real, tangible examples of how the combination of traditional security and IoT technologies can yield major benefits to the market, and how security professionals can also benefit from it. Thanks to IoT, the security industry is now closer than ever to other verticals or tangential markets such as connected home, energy management or telecare, which offer endless possibilities for growth and expansion.

Big Data Analytics

We have mentioned on previous occasions the potential of big data analytics, which can be turned into an invaluable source for business intelligence. Due to the nature of the industry, security service providers gather massive amounts of data from consumer usage of their devices, such as connected cameras or motion sensors. Learning how to exploit this data to improve their services (preventative maintenance, custom offerings, more comprehensive insights, better performance, etc.) will be key to ensure customer satisfaction and a stronger sense of loyalty.

Cyber Security

Since some security vulnerabilities in connected devices resulted in a massive DDoS attack in late 2016, the efforts in strengthening security measures have redoubled and gained a major interest, becoming a hot topic for discussion among consumers and security professionals alike. This has of course been reflected in the halls of ISC West, where we have seen cyber security reach high levels of attention among attendees, something which we celebrate. We believe ensuring the security of all IoT devices is key to gain consumer trust and thus reach mass market adoption which would be impossible otherwise.

ISC West 2017 has once again confirmed how the security industry is evolving at an incredible speed after many years of steady growth but little innovation. We are living in exciting times in the security and connected living markets and we can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

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