IFSEC 2016 Bridges the Gap Between Security And Home Automation

IFSEC 2016 Bridges the Gap Between Security And Home Automation

This week we are in London, attending IFSEC International 2016, where we are showcasing our connected home solution with additional security features, WeR@Home, with which we aim to help service providers unleash the potential of the Internet of Things and improve their offering with and end-to-end solution that will differentiate them from their competitors, while significantly bettering their customers’ lives.


This has been our third year at IFSEC, Europe’s largest security exhibition, and we can say from our experience that it never disappoints! We have had the chance to meet security professionals from all over the world and hold very productive and fruitful meetings with some of them. Also, this has been a perfect chance for us to introduce WeR@Home to the UK market, and the experience has been really positive. In fact, the connected home market is really thriving in the United Kingdom, which is actually one of the leading European countries in smart tech adoption, together with France, Germany and Spain, so we believe that the time is ripe to explore new business partnership opportunities with European security service providers that are looking for ways to expand their business and increase their revenue streams.

IFSEC has been the perfect place to do so, since this year, as it previously happened at Mobile World Congress, the Internet of Things has taken spotlight. Since the profound impact the IoT has made —and will keep making— into traditional home security systems cannot be dismissed or ignored, the show’s organizers have created in the present edition a whole home automation space, with a fully functioning, remotely managed connected home, where visitors have been able to experience all the possibilities of the IoT when applied to home safety, automation and convenience, and the impact it could make into their daily lives.


These type of initiatives confirm us that the industry is headed into a very distinct direction and that we are moving along with the trend, since it is clear that the future of home security, home automation, energy saving, convenience and the IoT are forever intertwined and will keep evolving together in the years to come. The security industry is rapidly changing, evolving after remaining quite stationary for many years. We are living very exciting times, and we can’t wait to see what innovations the future will bring!

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