<span id='event-date' style='font-size: 18px'>June 23 ,2020 – June 25 , 2020.</span><br>Essence at  Altenpflege 2020.</br>

June 23 ,2020 – June 25 , 2020.
Essence at Altenpflege 2020.

Come and see the presentation of Essence’s Smart Care solutions, for the first time launched in Germany.


The Essence group has a proven track record of delivering telecare products to the global senior care market.

  • The platform for new digital services
  • Innovative activity monitoring, fall detection and voice alerting solutions
  • Advanced telecare alarm with multiple communications options

We enable families to be confident that their dear ones are cared for, while end-users are enabled to maintain their independent lifestyle. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your business to the next level.  

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