The Latest Security Trends at IFSEC 2017: Drones Are Here to Stay

The Latest Security Trends at IFSEC 2017: Drones Are Here to Stay

This year was our 4th time exhibiting at IFSEC International, the biggest security exhibition in Europe, which brings together industry professionals from all over the world. The event caters to the entire security value chain, from manufacturers, distributors, installers, integrators, consultants to end users. Each year, IFSEC presents a unique opportunity to discover the latest trends in the security industry as a whole, from across all the different areas, including surveillance, access control, IT and cybersecurity, physical perimeter security and home automation.

One of the major trends we observed at the IFSEC fair grounds, in 2017, was drones equipped with 4K video cameras for video surveillance, like the Falcon series from Hikvision, which is able to transmit full HD real-time video between drone and base station. Security companies seem to have identified an opportunity for growth in drones. According to a 2016 PwC report, drones have the potential to become a huge hit in the market in a near future, offering applications even for residential security, such as autonomous sentinel duties. Thanks to their speed, size, maneuverability and applied technologies, drones are the perfect complement to perform monitoring tasks quickly and efficiently. The report also states that drones offer a competitive advantage over stationary cameras, “as intruders can’t easily step out of sight, and they can cover areas that are normally out of reach” for conventional systems. In the future, thanks to machine learning, drones will be not only able to “recognize unauthorized entry to a site, but also identify precisely who the intruder is thanks to motion sensing and biometrics-based behavior analysis, as well as facial recognition”. PwC estimates that drone powered solutions have an addressable market of 10.5 billion dollars in the security industry.

Other relevant trends at IFSEC 2017 were:

Smart Interactive security

Smart security is on the path to overcome traditional home security. The term Smart security doesn’t describe only the combination between security and home automation, provided by integration between security systems and connected home devices. This year at IFSEC we have seen more and more companies adding smart features to their core offerings. We are talking about the focus on intuitive and user-friendly applications that allow users to create smart rules that fit their needs. This trend represents a larger transformation in the security industry which we anticipated in a previous post – the transition from traditional security into interactive security. Read more about it here.

HD Video verification

Video verification is experiencing improvements thanks to constant upgrades in video quality. Now, cameras are able to record live HD videos during a burglary and stream them simultaneously to the central monitoring station and even to the homeowner’s smartphone, allowing them to remotely see what is going on and take immediate action.

Radar technology

More and more companies are incorporating radar technology to their solutions in order to detect intrusions in large geographic areas, saving the need of dozens of PIR detectors to cover the same area. This technology allows security systems to move the secured area further outwards and enlarge the perimeter so that intruders are detected much before they reach the intended target.

As for us, we took this opportunity to present our connected security solutions for service providers, WeR@Home and EverGuard. WeR@Home is a complete home management platform with security at its core. It offers a simple and easy to use application, IoT integrations, do-it-yourself installation and very simple setup. EverGuard is an end-to-end modular and expandable interactive professional security solution that fits any home or business environment. It offers an attractive and simple mobile app that allows users full control and visibility of their home’s security.

With these solutions we can provide our customers enhanced cloud-based services which include: 24/7 hosting, multi-level support, data-analytics and full customization- enabling flexibility, scalability and business growth. Find more info here!

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