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April 10, 2020|IoT Now| Remote monitoring IoT solutions help take strain off ICU beds in the Netherlands.|iot_now.jpg|
April 1, 2020|IoT Evolution| Creating a "Botnet" of Good IoT Devices.|iot_evolution -2.jpg|
March.26, 2020|IoT Global Network| Securing the IoT edge means cyber security experts must work together.|iot_global_network.jpg|
Feb.28, 2020|Home Care Insight|REVEALED: The Top 20 Home Care Solutions of 2020 |Home_care_insight.jpg|
Feb.27, 2020||Hottest new cybersecurity products at RSA Conference 2020 |asmag_logo.jpg|
Feb.25, 2020|IT World| Essence SigmaDots builds complete end-to-end IoT cyber protection |IT-world-logo.jpg|
Feb. 20, 2019|Balance Sociosanitario|Telecare of the future: monitoring versus privacy and intimacy(article in Spanish)|balance_logo.jpg|
Feb.12, 2020|Stacey on IoT| SigmaDots is building decentralized IoT security for everything.|Stacey_On_IoT.jpg|
Jan.29, 2020|Small Caps| HomeStay Care wins tender to upgrade aged care technology in South Australia.|small_caps.jpg|
Jan.27, 2020|Business Wire| Aging Expert, Lisa Cini Talks Tech From CES 2020 to Help Improve Quality of Life for Seniors.|bwlogo.jpg| safe/
Jan.17, 2020|Tech Republic| Why blockchain-based cybersecurity may be the answer for vulnerable IoT networks.|Tech-Republic-Logo.jpg|
Jan.17, 2020|Tech Republic| Why baby boomers are looking to IoT and analytics to stay safe.|Tech-Republic-Logo.jpg|
Jan.14, 2020|Residential Systems| Residential Systems Picks Awards Winners for CES 2020.|residential_system.jpg|
Jan.14, 2020|Embedded Computing Design| SigmaDots Covers All Three Levels When Securing Industrial IoT Systems.|embedded_computing_logp.jpg|
Jan.14, 2020|Place Tech| Radar fall detector aimed at booming home care market.|placetech-logo.jpg|
Jan.13, 2020|EverythingRF| Innovative 3D Sensing Fall Detection Solution Powered by mm-Wave Sensors.|everythingrf_logo.jpg|
Jan.12, 2020|Sensors Daily| Critical Fall Detector Exploits mmWave Sensor.|sensor_daily.jpg|
Jan.12, 2020|Health News| CES 2020: Ten Intriguing New Technologies for Older Adults.|health news.jpg|
Jan.8, 2020|IoT Global Network| Go beyond the FBI recommendations to secure future of IoT, say the experts by Itsik Harpaz.|iot_global_network.jpg|
Jan.8, 2020|Israel 21c| 20 Israeli companies to get excited about at CES 2020.|media-israel21c.jpg|
Jan.6, 2020|mobi health news| The devices, software and other health tech headlines of CES 2020.|logo_mobi.jpg|
Jan. 6, 2020|Scitech Europa|Using sensors to liberate the elderly.|scitech-logo.jpg|
Jan. 6, 2020|Home Care| Essence Group Launches New Smart Fall Detector.|HomeCare_Magazine.jpg|
Jan. 2, 2019||Essence Group to Build on Corporate Social Responsibility Accomplishments, Instigates Taskforce for Future CSR Developments|finanzen_ch_log.jpg|
Jan. 2, 2019|Global Security Mag| Essence Group announces innovative 3D sensing fall detector using Texas Instruments mmWave sensor|global_security_mag.jpg|,20200106,94332.html
Jan. 2, 2019|IoT Now| Essence Group creates taskforce for future Corporate Social Responsibility developments.|iot_now.jpg|
Jan. 2, 2019|AiThority| Essence Group to Build on Corporate Social Responsibility Accomplishments, Instigates Taskforce for Future CSR Developments.|authority_logo.jpg|
Dec. 26, 2019|The Next Web| Your home isn’t smart, it’s just connected — here’s why by Rafi Zauer.|tnw-logo.jpg|
Dec. 20, 2019|Age Economie| La plateforme Care@home est un Hub regroupant ensemble de solutions d’assistance aux personnes pour chaque stade de la vie (article in french).|Age-economie.jpg|
Dec. 19, 2019|Security|Essence Group and Verisure mark 20-year partnership|security_infowatch_logo.jpg|
Dec. 19, 2019|Alimarket|Essence confirma su apuesta por la teleasistencia evolutiva (article in spanish)|alimarket.jpg|
Dec. 19, 2019|Entremayores|Essence presenta Care@Home, teleasistencia evolutiva para cada etapa del envejecimiento (article in spanish)|entremayores_logo.jpg|,%20teleasistencia%20evolutiva%20para%20cada%20etapa%20del%20envejecimiento&nar1=6&nar2=44&nar3=41624&nar5=1
Dec. 18, 2019|International Security Journal|Essence Group and Verisure Sàrl celebrate their 20-Year Partnership|ISJ-logo.jpg|
Dec. 18, 2019|Source Security|Essence Group and Verisure Sàrl celebrate their 20-Year Partnership|source_security.jpg|
Dec. 18, 2019|Balance Sociosanitario|Essence apuesta por la teleasistencia evolutiva para todas las etapas del envejecimiento con Care@Home (article in spanish)|balance_logo.jpg|
Dec. 6, 2019|Aithority|Essence Group to Showcase Full Diversity of Solutions at CES in Las Vegas|authority_logo.jpg|
Dec. 5, 2019|Bloomberg|Essence Group to Showcase Full Diversity of Solutions at CES in Las Vegas|bloomberg-logo.jpg|
Sept. 18, 2019|Vidskiptabladid|Introduce a new security device (article in Icelandic)|iceland.jpg|
Sept. 9, 2019|Hospital and Healthcare|Assisted-living technology providing home independence|hospital_healthcare.jpg|
Aug. 23, 2019|Manufacturing Tommorrow|Essence Announces Completion of Fully Automated Production Line|manufacturing_tomorrow.jpg|
Aug. 22, 2019|Evertiq|Essence new manufacturing lines will significantly improve time-to-market |evertiq.jpg|
Jul. 10, 2019|65 y más|Care@Home Communicator, complete protection for seniors with voice alert (article in Spanish) |65_logo.jpg|
Jun. 27, 2019|Security InfoWatch|Essence Care@Home Radar Fall Detector|security_infowatch_logo.jpg|
Jun. 25, 2019|Source Security|Essence to exhibit voice-enabled Care@Home Communicator solution at Health+Care 201|source_security.jpg|
Jun. 23, 2019|Balance Sociosanitario|Umbrella. Interview with Antonio Palomino ( article in spanish)|balance_logo.jpg|
Jun. 10, 2019||Essence launches breakthrough radar technology to detect senior falls|asmag_logo.jpg|
Jun. 9, 2019|The Times USA|Technology to Detect Senior Falls|the_times_usa_logo.jpg|
Jun. 05, 2019|GeriatricArea|«Aging in Place» or how it is possible to age at home by mean of technology (article in Spanish)|geriatric_area.logo.jpg|
May. 27, 2019|Balance Sociosanitario|Essence introduces an innovative alerting device triggered by the user’s voice (article in Spanish)|balance_logo.jpg|
May. 30, 2019|GeriatricArea|Care@Home Communicator, an innovative alerting device triggered by the user’s voice (article in Spanish)|geriatric_area.logo.jpg|
Apr. 25, 2019||Smart home companies hone in on growing US elder care market|asmag_logo.jpg|
Apr. 23, 2019|65 y más|Advanced technology to aging at home (article in Spanish) |65_logo.jpg|
Apr. 15, 2019|Balance Sociosanitario|Advanced telecare at the service of people (article in Spanish)|balance_logo.jpg|
Jan. 10, 2019|Aging In Place Technology Watch|Ten Technology Offerings From CES 2019|aging_in_place_technology_watch.jpg|
Jan. 8, 2019|Tom´s Guide|These Smart Home Devices Use AI to Keep Tabs on the Elderly|tom_guide_logo.jpg|,news-29036.html
Dec. 31, 2018|Security Baron|Essence Offers Safety Solutions for Elders|security_baron.jpg|
Dec. 14, 2018|TechtheLead|Essence Will Launch New Personal Emergency Response System At CES 2019|techthelead_logo.jpg|
Dec. 14, 2018|SMA Home|Essence to Launch Umbrella Safety Solution at CES 2019|my_smahome.jpg|
Dec. 12, 2018|IoT Agenda. TechTarget|No smart security without IoT protocols|IoT-Agenda-Logo.jpg|
Dec. 11, 2018|HomeCare|How Does the Modern Smart Home Work?|HomeCare_Magazine.jpg|
Nov. 23, 2018|IFSEC Global|Essence Q&A: Demoing voice control and sharing recurring revenues with service providers|ifsec-logo.jpg|
Nov. 12, 2018|IoT Agenda. TechTarget|Three unexpected ways AI is revolutionizing connected living|IoT-Agenda-Logo.jpg|
Sept. 6, 2018|Industrial IoT News|Service Providers: Four Ways to Boost Revenue in the IoT Space|iot-industrial.jpg|
Sept.2,2018|Wired Shopper|60 experts share the top IoT trends of 2018|the_wired_shopper.png|
Aug. 01, 2018|Global Security Mag|Rafi Zauer, Essence : We all need logical and physical protection (article in French)|global_security_mag.jpg|,20180802,80205.html
Jul. 24, 2018|Residential Systems|Preparing for the “Silver Tsunami”|residential_system.jpg|
Jun. 14, 2018|EEFOCUS|Essence Expands IoT Connecting Living with Tech Clients in Iceland and New Zealand|eefocus_logo.jpg|
Jun. 14, 2018|SMA Home|Essence Expands IoT Connecting Living with Tech Clients in Iceland and New Zealand|my_smahome.jpg|
Jul. 13, 2018|Residential Systems|Essence Expands with New IoT Connecting Living Tech Customers in Iceland and New Zealand|residential_system.jpg|
May. 25, 2018||Interview with Yossi Graff, winner of the 2018 SilverEco® and Ageing Well International Awards|Silver_Economy_News.jpg|
May. 14, 2018|IT News|Essence’s Care@Home Smart Alerting wins Inaugural SilverEco© & Ageing Well International Award (article in hebrew)|it-news.jpg|
Apr. 26, 2018|Asmag Global Security Web|Smart, connected systems transforming homes and factories|asmag_logo.jpg|
Apr. 9, 2018||Focus on Essence Smartcare, one of the SilverEco® and Ageing Well International Awards winners|Silver_Economy_News.jpg|
Mar. 12, 2018|Assodigitale|Smart Home e case sicure per gli anziani(article in Italian)|ASSODIGITALE .jpg|
Mar. 11, 2018|New Tech Magazine|The battle for the data(article in hebrew)|NT-LOGO.jpg|
Mar. 11, 2018|New Tech Magazine|My house has brains(article in hebrew)|NT-LOGO.jpg|
Mar. 2, 2018|Silicon Wadi|Smart Home e case sicure per gli anziani. Il contributo di un’azienda israeliana (article in Italian)|sw-logo.jpg|
Feb. 8, 2018|Tech Addicts|Essence works with the Google Assistant to Deliver Voice-activated IoT Control|tech_addicts.jpg|
Feb. 8, 2018|Home Toys|Essence works with the Google Assistant to Deliver Voice-activated IoT Control|HomeToysLogo.jpg|
Feb. 8, 2018|EEFOCUS|Essence与Google智能助理共同提供语音激活的物联网控制功能|eefocus_logo.jpg|
Feb. 6, 2018|SMA Home|Essence works with the Google Assistant to Deliver Voice-activated IoT Control|my_smahome.jpg|
Feb. 6, 2018|News Patrolling|Essence works with the Google Assistant to Deliver Voice-activated IoT Control|newspatrolling..jpg|
Jan. 30, 2018|Yedioth Ahronot|For Adults only (article in Hebrew)|yedioth_ahronot.jpg|
Jan. 22, 2018|SMA Home|Living Independently in a Smart Home: Elderly Care|my_smahome.jpg|
Jan. 20, 2018|Fintech Zoom|Essence Group Provides Companies Added Security|fintech_zoom_logo_.jpg|
Jan. 18, 2018|Silicon Wadi|Una “casa intelligente” è una casa sicura per gli anziani. La tecnologia israeliana al servizio della terza età (article in Italian)|sw-logo.jpg|
Jan. 14, 2018|New Zealand Herald|High-tech health gadgets will help elderly own their homes longer|nzh-logo.jpg|
Jan. 14, 2018|NoCamels.Israeli Innovation News|The Most Cutting-Edge Israeli Tech Making Waves At CES 2018|nclogo.jpg|
Dec. 23, 2017||Essence to Focus on the Business of Connected Living at CES 2018|iot_do_hight.jpg|
Nov. 29, 2018|IoT Now|FocusCura adds Essence Care@Home™ solutions to its healthcare offerings|iot_now.jpg|
Nov. 28, 2017|TCM News|FocusCura Adds Essence Care@Home™ Solutions to its Healthcare Offerings|tmc_net.jpg|
Nov. 27, 2017|The Technology Headlines|FocusCura Adds Essence Care@Home™ Solutions to its Healthcare Offerings|the_technology_headlines.jpg|
Nov. 13, 2017|SMA Home|Essence Uses New Technologies to Provide Smart Senior Care|my_smahome.jpg|
Nov. 3, 2017|SMA Home|Smart Sensors and Buttons Serve the Elderly at Home Today|my_smahome.jpg|
Oct. 27, 2017|PC Mag.|The Best Medical Alert Systems of 2017|pcmag-logo.jpg|
Oct. 19, 2017|SMA Home|Essence WeR@Home Solution Adds August Smart Lock Pro Z-Wave Compatibility|my_smahome.jpg|
Oct. 18, 2017|IFSEC Global|“Home automation and professional security monitoring don’t usually mix”: Essence Q&A|ifsec-logo.jpg|
Oct. 13, 2017|The First Newshawk|United States Connected Home Security Device Market 2017- Essence, UTC / Interlogix, Tyco, GE, Honeywell|the_first_newshawk.jpg|
Oct. 4, 2017|Tech Addicts|TOP 5 ways your smart home can help take care of your|tech_addicts.jpg|
Sept. 26, 2017|The iWay magazine|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Protect the Elderly|iway_magazine.jpg|
Sept. 18, 2017|Globes|Smart home means safe home for seniors|globes-logo.png|
Sept. 10, 2017|Security Solutions Today|Essence Voice Panic Detector Wins Iot Breakthrough Award|SST_logo.jpg|
Sept. 10, 2017|Profo Media|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Protect the Elderly|profomedia.jpg|
Aug. 26, 2017|IT Portal|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Save Energy and Money During The Summer|itportal_logo.jpg|
Aug. 15, 2017|Start Israel|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Keep Your Home Safe During Your Summer Vacation|start_israel_logo.jpg|
Aug. 15, 2017|O-Mag|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Keep Your Home Safe During Your Vacation|o-mag-eu-logo.jpg|
Aug. 14, 2017|Tech News|Top 5 Ways Your Smart Home Can Help You Keep Your Home Safe During Your Vacation|tech-news-logo.jpg|
Jul. 27, 2017|SMA Home|New Opportunity for Home Security Market and Age-in-Place Technology|my_smahome.jpg|
Jul. 24, 2017|GIT Security|IoT Evolution Business Impact Award for Senior Home Monitoring|git_security.jpg|
Jul. 25, 2017|SMA Home|Essence and Medical Guardian Win IoT Award for Service That Enables Senior Independent Living|my_smahome.jpg|
Jul. 19, 2017|GIT Security|Essence Cloud Services Platform at IFSEC 2017|git_security.jpg|
Jul. 12, 2017|IFSEC Global|How home security is transitioning from a traditional ‘passive’ model to an interactive paradigm|ifsec-logo.jpg|
Jul. 03, 2017|Globes|חדש: פטנט ישראלי קטן ומציל חיים זוכה להתלהבות בעולם (New: A small and life-saving Israeli patent wins enthusiasm in the world)|globes-logo.png|
Jun. 26, 2017|Extra-Mag|2050. והרי התחזית (here is the forecast)|Israel_medio.jpg|
Jun. 23, 2017|Make Change|Tech's Next Big Thing Is Going to Be Great for Seniors|make_change.jpg|
Jun. 14, 2017|Cloudpsi|Essence showcases its Cloud Services Platform WeR@Home and EverGuard at IFSEC 2017|cloudpsi.png|
May. 26, 2017|SMA Home|Essence Introduces Mobile Senior Care Solution That Enables Remote Monitoring|my_smahome.jpg|
May. 19, 2017||Essence New Care@Home Active Solution for Comprehensive Mobile Senior Care|iot_do_hight.jpg|
May. 18, 2017|Home Health Technology News|Essence introduces expanded aging-in-place solution|Home_health_Technology_news.jpg|
May. 18, 2017|mHealth Times|Essence Wins ESX Innovation Award in PERS Category for the Second Year Running|hdr_hight.jpg|
May. 17, 2017|Aging In Place Technology Watch|Five new technologies for older adults|aging_in_place_technology_watch.jpg|
May. 17, 2017|Security System News| Essence to release mobile solution|s_s_news_hight.jpg|
May. 9, 2017|Security Sales & Integration| Affiliated Monitoring Partners With Essence USA to Launch PERS Dealer Program|SecuritySalesIntegration.jpg|
May. 8, 2017|Security World| Affiliated And Essence USA Launch PERS-Focused Dealer Program|sec-world.jpg|
Apr. 27, 2017|U.S. News|How to Care for Aging Parents From a Distance|LogoUSNews.jpg|
Mar. 28, 2017|HomeCare Magazine|Family Guardian Brings Peace of Mind to Caregivers|HomeCare_Magazine.jpg|
Mar. 6, 2017| |Los operadores han empezado a incorporar soluciones de domótica y hogar inteligente para complementar sus servicios|telesemana.jpg|
Feb. 28, 2017|Telecompaper |Telekom Slovenije offers monitoring products for seniors|telecompaper.jpg|