Essence M2M Technologies Sees Significant ‎Traction in Q1 2014‎

Essence M2M Technologies Sees Significant ‎Traction in Q1 2014‎

Essence, the leading provider of M2M, cloud-based connected-living solutions, has closed seven new deals in Europe, APAC, LATAM and Israel over the past three months for its Smart Living and Smart Care offerings.

The Smart Living offering – WeR@Home – is a connected home solution that allows security, communications, and other service providers to easily bring the Internet of Things to their customers’ homes. WeR@Home, a DIY wireless and battery operated solution, can be installed in less than 15 minutes. Managed via simple and intuitive mobile and web-based apps, the system is Z-wave compatible, allowing it to connect to more than 1,000 certified low power consumption devices, such as lighting control and thermostats.

Essence Smart Care offering – Care@Homeis the next generation for in-home eldercare solutions, enhancing quality of life for senior citizens while bringing peace of mind to family members. Care@Home is self-learning, tracking patterns of activity and alerting the appropriate caregivers if things change. For example, if the refrigerator generally is opened six times a day and then is only opened once, or the resident had lower acitivity than the norm, the system automatically sends an alert to the caregiver and the family members.

Essence continues to be committed to professional security providers with the Smart Security offering, EverGuardTM, to ensure customers’ business innovation and sustainable growth. Essence end-to-end solutions with hardware, software and services enable flexible business models and offer fast time to market.

“Three of the new deals are with Tier 1 service providers who have quickly seen the value of our technology to simultaneously enhance customer loyalty and grow ARPU with a short time to market of under four months,” says Ben Weinberger, Deputy CEO of Essence.

Essence solutions are modular and scalable, allowing service providers to begin offering basic services and add options as adoption develops.

“With Essence, they get the complete package with minimal hassle and maximum satisfaction. The ROI for service providers and value proposition to consumers are very clear,” concluded Weinberger.

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