Affiliated and Essence USA Launch PERS-Focused Dealer Program

Affiliated and Essence USA Launch PERS-Focused Dealer Program

Program highlights Essence’s PERS+ with Smart Alerting devices


Essence USA, a leading provider of connected living solutions, has partnered with Affiliated Monitoring, the U.S.’ number one call center monitoring company, to launch a robust and customizable dealer program centered around Essence’s innovative suite of PERS products.

PERS is a major focus at Affiliated,” said Daniel Oppenheim, Affiliated Vice President. “We are the recognized experts in providing unique senior monitoring services and have many dealers primarily focused on the aging-in-place market. We are excited to be able to provide this advanced system to our dealers who are interested in a turnkey PERS program.

The fully customizable program gives dealers a range of options about how to best run their PERS offerings, including order fulfillment – direct to the consumer or distributed to the dealer, customer service, invoicing and collections, equipment retrieval and refurbishment, and branding options.

“We can customize a program for any dealer to make it easier to get into PERS,” Affiliated Managing Director Mike Zydor said. “For the dealers already in the market, we can provide access to preprogrammed, leading-edge products at discounted rates.”

Essence’s Care@Home suite of innovative and robust PERS products offer benefits for dealers and end-users alike, with industry-leading radio communications range for devices, allowing users maximum flexibility in moving around their home and property. They also offer a wide variety of safety and security sensors, giving dealers an attractive and scalable offering for their customer base.

The Care@Home Smart Alerting devices include a number of seamless and advanced ways in which monitoring centers can be alerted of emergency situations, such as the award winning VPD (voice panic detector) with Intelligent Voice Activation, which allows the resident to call out for assistance even when they are not able to reach a panic button and opening a two-way voice channel with support staff from anywhere in the house.

Essence is on the forefront of in-home PERS technology and has a veteran management team behind it,” said Yaniv Amir, President, Essence USA. “Essence historically has only worked directly with larger players in the space, and we are excited to now bring our products to all Affiliated dealers.”

The program is scheduled to launch within the Affiliated dealer network at the end of May.

About Essence
Essence is a global IoT provider of scalable, cloud-based connected-living solutions for security, communication, and healthcare service providers. Over the past 23 years, Essence has built an impressive installed base, with more than 18 million products deployed and used by Tier-1 service providers worldwide. Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that both enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live fuller and better lives. Essence has won several distinguished industry awards over the past year, garnering recognition by both the consumer and business markets, including the ESX Innovation Award for Care@Home and Care@Home VPD, European Consumers Choice Award, Telecom Broadband Infovision Award, IoT Business Impact Award, and others.

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About Affiliated Monitoring

Affiliated is the leading provider of PERS monitoring, combining best in class monitoring agents with cutting edge tools to help you serve the growing senior market. PERS monitoring requires a unique understanding of the needs of seniors and their loved ones. Affiliated has a dedicated team of PERS operators, supervisors and trainers and, unlike other monitoring centers, Affiliated PERS operators exclusively handle PERS calls.

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