Essence Partners with Hills to Deliver Preventative Home Healthcare Solution

Essence Partners with Hills to Deliver Preventative Home Healthcare Solution

Essence, a leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected living solutions, has partnered with Hills, Australia’s leading medical technology distributor, to offer its Care@Home line of solutions to Australia’s senior population.

The percentage of Australia’s population that’s older than 65 is growing rapidly,” said Tom Sykes, Head of Hills Health Solutions. “Most of the advanced care solutions currently available in the marketplace are focused on assisted living facilities, while the majority of remote home telecare technologies are simply emergency panic buttons. We recognized the demand for a home solution for the seniors that provides the ability to intervene well before an emergency.”

Hills Health Solutions is Australia’s largest distributor of both home healthcare and assisted living technologies. Adding Care@Home to its product line-up gives it a technology focused on monitoring and prevention, catching symptoms before they become serious health problems.

Seeking a top-tier technology and a provider with field-proven capabilities, Hills partnered with Essence, selecting its Care@Home solutions. With 20 years’ as a supplier of professional solutions to the security and health sectors, Hills knew that Essence delivers the solutions they were seeking.

Using sensors and intelligent algorithms, Care@Home™ learns the daily habits and behaviors of individuals and alerts for any deviation of the daily routine that may indicate any potential health condition change. Care@Home™ will automatically notify a call center or a caregiver in case of any emergency incident or warning sign, such as skipping meals, reduced activity, or spending an unusually length of time in the bathroom. Essence’s PERS technology includes multilanguage support, alert customization, and centralized remote management.

“Working together, the Hills and Essence partnership expands business opportunities for both companies by increasing our abilities to deliver beneficial products to maintain the health of the aging population,” said Haim Amir, CEO and founder of Essence. “Families get peace of mind, healthcare providers get better information, and seniors can continue to live independently.”

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