Essence Smoothes the Way to Smart Home Adoption with New IFTTT Capabilities and Z-Wave+ Connectivity.

Essence Smoothes the Way to Smart Home Adoption with New IFTTT Capabilities and Z-Wave+ Connectivity.

Global Smart Home Market Will Hit $130B Annually by 2020.


Essence, a leading provider of IoT, cloud-based connected living solutions, has expanded its Smart Living platform, WeR@Home™ by adding IFTTT capabilities and Z-Wave+ certification to meet the significant increase in demand for smart home devices.

Almost one in every four Americans will incorporate a connected device this year, according to recent stats. Nearly 50% of GenX and Millennial customers already have a smart product at home. 56% of consumers who own at least one smart connected device intend to buy more products in the next year.

The most popular devices include connected cameras, smart thermostats, smart lighting, and smart locks. With Essence’s IFTTT capabilities and Z-Wave+ connectivity, consumers can use Essence’s WeR@HomeTM platform to incorporate these devices and myriad services such as geo-fencing. Users can build easy and intuitive automation scenarios that enable them to independently manage their home environment seamlessly from anywhere, anytime, and on any screen in real time.

While Millennials are largely buying connected devices for convenience, GenX are more driven by home security and energy savings. WeR@Home delivers Home Security and Safety, Remote Home Management, Home Automation and Energy-Saving modules. Many IFTTT use cases enhance all of these, but perhaps the most widely used will be the ability to control the system arming modes and devices by voice activation using Amazon Echo™.

Service providers offering an IFTTT channel will increase the value of their WeR@HomeTM offering, delivering a better user experience, while enhancing access to their core services, ultimately via a single app.

With Z-Wave +, customers will be able to expand their services by including even more of the very latest Z-Wave enabled home control devices offered by the leading manufacturers.

“Customers demand interconnectivity and higher efficiency from their IoT solutions,” says Yaniv Amir, President of Essence USA. “We’re allowing them to realize the real value of IoT with the ever-increasing openness of our WeR@Home platform.”

Essence is a proud partner of the CONNECTIONS™ Europe: Smart Home, IoT, and the Connected Consumer event, 2-3 November in Amsterdam. To arrange a meeting please write to

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