IoT at Home – Saves People Time and Money

IoT at Home – Saves People Time and Money

Utilizing the Internet of things (IoT) technology, Essence Smart Living platform has enabled service providers worldwide to deliver and enhance people’s lives.

This issue is dedicated to analyzing consumers’ usage of their IoT-based connected home services bringing interesting insights on IoT benefits to people’s day to day lives around the world*.


IoT-based connected home systems enable people to act remotely as if they were physically at home:

  1. Security & Safety – IoT gives people the freedom to know their loved ones are “safe and sound”: 62% of users use the IoT Smart Living platform to remotely manage their home alarms using their smartphones. 1 in 5 people interact with their home system three times a day, mostly for home security.
  2. Remote home management – “Being home without being AT home”72% of households using WeR@HomeTM use cameras with motion detectors to trigger short videos for a variety of use cases:
  • Making sure  their children have returned home safely.
  • Look-in capability In order to check in on their children and pets.
  • Getting a video alert when the front door opens – to know who arrived home at specific times.
  • Visual verification on smartphone upon smoke detection alert.

The conclusion is that people don’t only need to know what’s going on in their homes when they’re away – they need to see it.

  1. The IoT enables people to adapt the system to their daily lives adding devices and using rules:

51% of users do not install only the basic kit offered by the service provider, and expanded with an average of 3 more devices: cameras, and motion detectors.

The WeR@Home solution allows consumers to go through their daily routine without stress or losing time.

Stay tuned as we analyze the ongoing usage of IoT and Essence Smart Living platform to find out more benefits to people in their search for better lives.

*Based on a sample of 500 households.
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