Security Communication service ‎providers partner with Essence

Security Communication service ‎providers partner with Essence

Essence, the leading connected home solution provider, is introducing together with GulfStream in Russia its simple, branded DIY smart home kit to overcome one of the major obstacles that has prevented communications service providers from offering value added services for security and connected homes.

“Any customer can simply install this out of the box,” says Ben Weinberger, Deputy CEO of Essence. “The service provider really doesn’t have to worry about anything. They just send the kit to consumers, and the consumers install a complete home security and connected home system by themselves.”

One of the main obstacles to mass deployment of new connected home services is the need to train and send out support personnel. The Essence WeR@HomeTM solution overcomes that issue with its self-installed, simple set-up and remote maintenance tools for service providers.

Another major benefit is the flexible pricing model. Essence’s partner in Russia, Gulfstream, found that communications service providers were looking for new services with flexible pricing models. With WeR@HomeTM, it’s possible to provide a hardware and software package that allows self-monitoring via mobile apps, with equipment cost and monthly subscription fees are affordable for the average consumer.

“The built-in app means that people can manage their own homes and security alarms from their mobile devices,” said Oleg Rybakov, GulfStream Technical Director. “The system enables people to see a video or photograph of what’s going on in their homes at any time. The starter kit is inexpensive, with basic professional monitoring services, enabling people to grow with additional devices and enriched professional monitoring services. It is also cost effective for service providers to deploy, thanks to WeR@HomeTM easy set-up and simple user experience as well as the solution’s remote maintenance and management tools.”

“Service providers may not want to change their business models, but still want to provide the widest possible range of services for their customers,” said Weinberger. “It makes sense for the end user, too. In 15 minutes, you can have a system that works in your home and is managed via your mobile phone with absolutely no hassle.”

GulfStream and Essence have been working together for several years, and this represents an expansion of that partnership with greater opportunities for service providers in Russia.

“The advantage of working with Essence is that they have a proven connected home and security solution. We know that we can rely on them to provide the solutions and devices quickly, without any integration headaches.” added Rybakov.

Essence will be demoing WeR@Home and other products at Mobile World Congress, Hall 5, Booth #5C81.



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