Who are the Smart Home early adopters? (infographic)

Who are the Smart Home early adopters? (infographic)

During a study conducted among smartphone owners we identified a key group of early adopters who are potential target customers for Smart Home solutions.

This group represents 15% of all smartphone users in the US and 5% in Europe.

The early adopters responded significantly more positively on all behavioural attitudes relevant to Smart Home products, showing an interest of 70% in innovation, technology, greater convenience, lifestyle and design, on average, as opposed to 23% for all other groups combined.

Who are these early adopters? They are 25-35 years old, mostly male, and have high incomes.

This group sees their homes as expressions of themselves and their lifestyles. They are quick to invest in their homes and seek ways to better manage them.

This group also is fast to try new products. They prefer well-known and reputable brands, and they place strong value on well-designed, innovative technology products. They look for products with leading capabilities and attractive appearances.

Essence’s survey found that this group’s willingness to pay for innovative products that help them better manage their home is dramatically higher than that of the average consumer. They also have a greater level of interest in safety and security solutions (and energy management, in Europe).

On the other hand, the early adopters tend to share a significant characteristic with the general population. It is noteworthy that both groups seem to be most influenced by the same media channel – TV advertising.

Take a look at main figures in this infographic.

Early_adopters_newsletter_8 (1)

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