Z-Wave‎®‎ Certification Granted for Essence WeR@Home™ Product Line

Z-Wave‎®‎ Certification Granted for Essence WeR@Home™ Product Line

Z-Wave® is the leading industry standard for smart home control, with over 1000 certified low power consumption devices. The Z-Wave® extension enables WeR@Home™ to communicate with a variety of connected home devices such as lighting control, thermostats, and door locks.

“We are committed to providing systems that are easy for consumers to use and for service providers to deploy,” said Ben Weinberger, Deputy CEO of Essence. “Z-Wave® provides simple connectivity and upgradability, removing the interoperability headache and letting service providers extend their offerings with ease.”

The WeR@Home, a modular connected home package based on Essence’s proprietary technology and devices can be now expanded with Z-Wave® devices thanks to the newly certified Z-Wave® dongle. The WeR@Home™ can be easily installed by consumers in few minutes with no drilling or wiring needed. The simple installation along with remote update and management tool mean that service providers don’t need to send out technicians to get the systems up and running.

The WeR@Home™ mobile and web applications, allow consumers to manage their homes remotely enabling them to be home without being at home.

The Z-Wave® technology is perfectly aligned with Essence’s approach to provide efficient, easy to use and to install solutions that make life easier to customers.

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