Beyond Panic Buttons: Essence Brings Smart Alerting to MAMA 2016

Beyond Panic Buttons: Essence Brings Smart Alerting to MAMA 2016

For the past two days we have been at the MAMA —Medical Alert Monitoring Association— annual meeting, an event that we never miss. It brings together professionals in the alert monitoring and PERS industry from all over the United States and it is a unique opportunity to exchange valuable insights and join forces towards the improvement of the Personal Emergency Response Systems sector as a whole.


As the main goal of this meeting is to help the industry move forward with the latest technologies and innovations, we have taken this opportunity to introduce the latest improvements made to Care@Home, our end-to-end smart care solution for healthcare service providers that aim to help seniors age in place safely, with full confidence and peace of mind for themselves and for their loved ones.

Since its beginnings, PERS technologies have always been associated with panic buttons. However, we are well aware that traditional emergency buttons are sometimes simply not enough. They have helped save thousands of lives over time, but they do not come without flaws. There are occasions when the button is not at hand, or the senior refuses to wear it, or it just can’t be pressed for any reason.

That is why we have developed a much comprehensive solution that takes PERS to a whole new level, in which the panic button is no longer the central star and heart of the system, but just one of the many complimentary means to help a senior in need. This we have called Smart Alerting, a solution that combines a smart learning algorithm with remote monitoring and the latest aging in place technologies, such as Intelligent Voice Activation™ and Automatic Fall Detection, which superpose added layers of care to ensure that the aging person is safe at all times, even when away from home.


We are very happy with the reception our smart care solution has had at MAMA. It has been a very positive experience to exchange views and opinions with so many experts in the alert monitoring and PERS industry. The meeting has been very enriching for us and we look forward to come back next year with new advancements and innovations, some of which right now we can only dream about.

Find more info about our Care@Home solution and Smart Alerting technologies here.

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