PCMag Chooses Essence Partners as Two of the Best Medical Alert Systems of 2017

PCMag Chooses Essence Partners as Two of the Best Medical Alert Systems of 2017

Essence’s platforms deliver best-of-breed senior care.

Essence, a leading provider of connected living solutions, is proud to announce that two of its partners were selected in the top 5 of PCMag’s listing of Best Medical Alert Systems for 2017.

Essence’s Care@Home solutions are designed to promote senior independence while providing peace of mind to their loved ones. The broad range of Essence solutions and related peripherals give Medical Alert (PERS) companies a firm basis on which to build outstanding, affordable customer service and a clear competitive edge.

The enhanced telecare services platforms are aging-in-place product suites that offer seamless health monitoring. They run the gambit from a basic pendant and panic-button system to the comprehensive Care@Home Active senior-care platform, which is a full-range package of monitoring features. It includes a self-learning monitoring system that notes the pattern of regular activities such as trips to the refrigerator, bathroom, a step counter, etc., and sends out notifications to medical providers and family when normal parameters are violated.

A unique part of Essence’s offerings is a voice-enabled emergency device that allows seniors to call for help from any place in their homes and for the monitoring center to open a two-way conversation to verify the emergency and provide immediate assistance.

Care@Home Active provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional Mobile PERS. Active includes a small, light fall detection wearable that leverages BLE (Bluetooth) connectivity to seamlessly switch from the PERS unit at home to the senior’s smartphone for complete protection and geolocation services while away from home.

PCMag’s recognition demonstrates our determination to give our partners the most thorough, reliable technologies,” said Yaniv Amir, CEO, Essence USA. “Essence’s rapid market expansion is fueled by constantly providing us the latest, most sophisticated elder monitoring systems available. Our partners and their clients can rely on our hardware and back-end systems to achieve greater operational efficiency and peace of mind.”

About Essence

Essence is a global provider of IoT connected-living solutions for communication, security and healthcare service providers, serving households and small-medium businesses. Leveraging 23 years of experience and innovation with a global presence and 20 million devices deployed worldwide, Essence is committed to developing and supporting solutions that enhance partners’ businesses and enable people to live fuller, better lives. The multiple award-winning Care@Home Multi-Service Platform is an Aging-in-Place product suite offering seamless home care monitoring indoors and outdoors, allowing independence for seniors and peace of mind to their loved ones.

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