The emerging smart home market: an interview

The emerging smart home market: an interview

Our Head of Marketing, Rafi Zauer, gets interviewed by Martyn Warwick, from TelecomTV, at Broadband World Forum, with whom he discusses the maturity of the smart home market and the future of the IoT.

Rafi Zauer thinks the IoT is a market that is struggling to come to terms with itself, since consumers have yet to find a clear value in the smart home..

Consumers, says Rafi, do see value in security, in protecting their families and securing their belongings, and are used to pay regularly for that. What they are not used to paying for is convenience, the ability to turn the lights on and off while still on the couch or in the office. Sure, they are willing to pay for that convienience perhaps once, but still don’t understand why they should keep paying on a monthly basis, so operators need to help them understand that value.

On the other side, we have the integration problems on the operating level, which increase the time to market and cause several pains when developing systems and offerings: several vendors, instead of one vendor. Also, on the device side there’s still the issue of divergent or different protocols from different devices. This is actually something that has been starting to take shape in the form of new alliances that bring together some of the different protocols.

Those are, in sum, the main issues that are is preventing the mass market uptake of the smart home.

But then, when will that mass market finally be achieved?

To Rafi, the answer is clear. We should keep pushing the value, and to do that we need to create partnerships on a vendor level and with other technology providers to keep adding new valuable services.

Lastly, Rafi discusses the future of our WeR@Home™ solution, for which we aim to create a wider ecosystem that provides a higher value to the consumers and gives more revenue opportunities to service providers.

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