Top 3 smart home benefits

Top 3 smart home benefits

A smart home is much more than just an automated home. Imagine, for example, going away on vacation and upon arriving at your destination suddenly realizing that you don’t remember whether you locked the front door or not. Imagine taking out your mobile phone, tapping the screen a couple of times, and making sure it’s safely locked in a matter of seconds. Well, that is a smart home.
So, what can a smart home do for you? The possibilities are almost endless, but we’ve tried to sum it up in three main areas that can be improved by this ground-breaking technology.

Peace of mind
A smart home can also be used as an advanced and highly effective security system since it allows you not only to lock and unlock your house at your convenience, but also to remotely turn on and off your alarm, knowing that you will be immediately notified on your smartphone if anything happens. Check out this cute video by Protect Australia to see how easy it is. These security features can also be expanded by adding smoke and leakage detectors, that will send a warning the moment anything happens.

Energy saving
The ability to turn off the lights or any other electric equipment when not in use, or according to a set schedule, results in huge energy savings, which are not only good for your pocket, but also for the environment. Realized at the supermarket that you forgot to turn off the air conditioner before leaving? Turn it off with a tap of your finger!

It’s easy to see how a smart home can make daily life easier. Since the devices can be controlled via smartphone with notifications and real-time video, you can stay in control even while you’re away from home. For example, you can see if your children have come home from school while you are away at work or check on your pets. If a technician is scheduled to visit at a time when no one is home, no problem! Just unlock the door for him from your smartphone, and then lock it again when he’s left.

As you can see, when we talk about smart homes, we are not only speaking of remotely managing certain home features, but also about home security, telecare, monitoring, energy management and almost anything you can think of. Here are just some of the things a smart home can do for you already, but since the Internet of Things is only just beginning to step into our lives, there are no limits or boundaries to what we will be able to do from our smartphone in the coming years.

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