Voice Control Takes CES 2017 by Storm

Voice Control Takes CES 2017 by Storm

On Sunday we said goodbye to Las Vegas. ‪CES 2017 is over now, but we took back with us a lot of productive meetings, industry insights and, of course, a lot of good memories. This has been a very special edition, since it marked the 50th anniversary of the tradeshow and managed to bring together over 175,000 industry professionals.

We are proud to have taken part in this important CES edition, where we showcased our Connected Home and Connected Care platforms for service providers among some of the most prominent companies in the smart home industry. During the show our booth was very active: we welcomed a lot of visitors eager to see our solutions in action! We displayed a remote demo room to show how our WeR@Home Connected Home solution can be easily managed and monitored from afar. Visitors to our stand were able to control a fully functioning system in Israel and view it on HD live streaming from the show floor. A very popular feature was how we were able to use the voice recognition powers of Amazon Echo to allow users to arm and disarm the alarm, lock the door, or change lighting preferences.

Our Care@Home solution also received lots of interest, especially by the media and analysts as well as prospective customers who had learnt about it thanks to the IoT Breakthrough Award we recently won for our Voice Panic Detector. Some research firms and bloggers who cover technology in the health and senior care sector came by our booth to see our voice controlled device in action.

And voice leads us to what has undoubtedly been the greatest trend of this CES edition and probably of all the year ahead of us. Voice control is no longer a rising trend, as it has been for some months now, but already an industry standard that has taken CES by storm. It was absolutely everywhere. And that is because customers love voice controlled devices, as Amazon’s Alexa has proved. According to research firm Juniper Research: “Alexa, alongside other smart home players, looks set to catapult the smart home into mainstream awareness in 2017 and beyond.” In the months to come we may begin to see apps being replaced by voice commands. This will probably also affect hubs, which will either disappear or evolve and integrate other functions, such as cameras, speakers and microphones (think Echo or Google Home), instead of being just ‘hubs’.

At this year’s CES we have also observed that while some trends remain more or less stagnant or growing at a slower pace, such as VR, 3D printers or wearables, 2017 is no doubt going to be the year that the Connected Home comes of age. As Juniper Research has recently put it, CES 2017 has been all about development and innovation, but not disruption. We are seeing increasing sophistication and improvements in the IoT industry that point towards the maturity of the market.

Great job to all who attended and supported this event, and thanks to all the visitors to our stand and to our amazing team in Las Vegas. You did a great work! We really hope to see you all next year!

“Our industry is bettering the world through connectivity and innovation, touching literally every facet of our lives. Today’s connected world was on full display this week at CES 2017 – our largest, boldest show in history.”

–Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association

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